Benefits Of A Brain Dump

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley

A brain dump is the process of getting everything out of your head and on paper. It is a great way to visualize all that is going on in your head. It is a way of clearing room in your brain for more important things. 

Throughout the process of writing the eBook I am working on. Periodically doing brain dumps helped the writing process tremendously. I had one note in my second brain system that I dumped everything into. 

Anything and everything I thought of I put into it. It is filled to the brim with random topics, a quote here and there, possible outlines for the eBook.

When I first started the process I’ll have to admit it was not my favorite way of getting information from my head to paper. It was the most direct though, and when doing it online instead of with paper and pen it is much easier to reorganize the confusion into a seamless thought. 

Brain dumps work for many different scenarios, writing a book, making a to-do list, learning a new skill. These are all things that can benefit from the occasional brain dump.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Makes abstract thoughts real
  • Eases anxiety and stress
  • Helps to organize thoughts
  • Encourages productivity
  • Centralizes all of your thoughts to one place
  • Puts things in perspective

A brain dump accomplishes so much through such a simple task and I cannot suggest them enough to everyone. If you incorporate this activity into your weekly lives, I can almost guarantee you an improved lifestyle.

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