The Power Of Speaking Your Dreams

“Life is a game, you live so you play. Follow your dreams and win what your happy heart desires.” – Roel van Sleeuwen

All too often I have found myself trapping my dreams, and not speaking about them. 

But in more recent months I have discovered how important it is to speak your dreams, even just writing your dreams. Anything that gets them out of your head, because if they are stuck in your head they are, well stuck. 

It is like a bird being trapped in a cage, it is pretty to look at might be a bit annoying and bug you at times but you have to let them free to allow them to fully take flight and see them in their fullest beauty.

Your fullest potential cannot be reached on your own, if you speak your dreams people know them, they can help, encourage, and check in on you. 

It is so extremely difficult to get from A-Z all by yourself, you may be able to get to A-C possibly even G but getting all the way to cross the finish line is where the community is necessary.

So, what are your dreams? Speak them, do not leave them in the cage.

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