Hello there, so glad to have you here!

My name is Mia Liang, and I am currently a Praxis participant. My life has been a bit unconventional thus far. Believe me when I say, this is not where I planned to be at seventeen.

Now, I’m not going to bore you to death with my entire life story. So relax, no need to worry about that.

Long story short, I’ve lived in ten houses in five different states. I’ve been home schooled most of my life, because of the constant moving. For my sophomore/junior and senior year of high school, I danced thirty plus hours a week in the pre-professional daytime division at the Kansas City Ballet.

I’ve always loved learning, striving for perfection, and doing my best. Because I had this drive it helped me to graduate a year early, as well as take classes at my local community college for the spring 2019 semester. Throughout this time I made the hard decision to back away from ballet. It had been a big part of my life for so long but also drained me both mentally and physically. On a whim, I applied to a business internship program called Praxis and somehow magically was accepted.

After graduation, I got a job as an associate at Panera, and let my work ethic speak for itself. I am proud that my managers can take comfort knowing that I will show up on time, ready to work, and in a positive mood. Whether that is at five in the morning, or when I take on a twelve-hour day if someone calls in sick. If I happen to find some free time I like to spend it helping out around the house and as one of five kids, there is always something that needs cleaning. I am so excited for this new chapter of life and cannot wait for all of the adventures I will go on and how much I will learn and grow.

What People Are Saying About Mia

Mia is one of our best associates we have at the store. In her short amount of time with us she has become one of our most dependable workers.  She is always on time and ready to work. She has nothing but smiles and positive energy which is always on display and it shows in her interactions with the guests.  If we could we would clone her and hire all of them. – David Matlock, Shift Supervisor

Ballet is an art form that takes incredible focus, work ethic, and patience. You have to give your all mentally and physically and it often takes years to see the results of your hard work. Mia Liang was an amazing ballet student who showed integrity, commitment to giving her best, and respect for the art form she studied. I know that she will carry these traits with her and that she will be successful in any endeavor she sets her mind to. – Racheal Nye, Principle and YAGP Coordinator

Now that you know a bit more about me, I would love to get to know you. Let’s connect!