Career Planning

“I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything.” – Jon Stewart

During week three of Praxis, we read two lengthy blog posts. The first one being Wait But Why’s “How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)” and the second Marc Andreessen’s “Guide to Career Planning”. We were then challenged to answer these questions:

  1. What is one insight from this week’s content on approaching your career that you strongly agree with?
  2. What is one insight from this week’s content that you disagree with or feel doesn’t apply to you?
  3. What’s one item on your top shelf of the priority shelf (Wait But Why essay)?
  4. What’s one item on the bottom shelf of your priority shelf (Wait But Why essay)?

As I have said in an earlier post, I love a good question, and this is no exception. These questions (and articles) made me think and take a deep dive into my own thoughts on life, careers and what my priorities are. It also brought to life if any of my previous thoughts or opinions are in a transition stage, what they are transitioning from, as well as what they are turning into. 

Now, instead of solely typing out my answers to these questions like one would think of doing, the Praxis way is always doing the most. So, I have been challenged to record and edit a video with my answers. This was a step outside of my comfort zone in many ways, but after some anxiety filed deep breathes I pressed record and here is the finished product!

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