Document Like Your Life Depends On It

“Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.” – Damian Conway

We live in a world where documenting is crazy stupid easy. You no longer have to sit for hours to get a painting done, or even wait a few weeks to get film developed. It is all in the magic box that is the size of our hand. 

The ability to document so freely is something that we a) take for granted and b) don’t exploit enough. It’ll take you five seconds to write down an idea or take a picture of something that inspired you. 

Picture this: You just completed an amazing project, did some insanely impressive work. Your one negative is that you don’t document any of it. How are you supposed to prove your work, your process, your progress? You will never know how far you’ve come or how far you’ll go unless you document your way along with it.

Documentation is just as important, if not more important than the content you’ve created itself.

It’s like when you are in second grade and they tell you to show your work for math. Now is the time to show your work. You may find it unnecessary at first but it is the body to the mind. It would be like writing an entire manuscript in your head without writing it down and expecting it to sell. 

Without documentation, you can’t…

  • get feedback
  • gain an audience
  • show your progress

These three things are quite important to your personal brand’s success. So now go out, and document like your life depends on it because one of these days it might.

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