Book Review: Get Out Of Your Head

“Evil never wants to be noticed, I should mention here. It sneaks in and hijacks our minds, and we barely notice anything’s amiss.”
– Jennie Allen

This book was beautifully written by Jennie Allen.

It is all about stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts, and well getting out of your head. 

As someone who struggles with anxiety and spiraling thoughts on a daily basis. This book was right up my alley and it did not disappoint. It has the power to alter your mind and change your life. 

The book gives you the knowledge and strength to chose hope and encouragement. Even when everything around you may seem to be falling apart.

It shows you that you have the power within you. Like a well that had run dry but you just need to dig a bit further to find the water. 

Just a bit further and you are there, it teaches you how to have more than a successful career but a successful life. I don’t know anyone that would reject the ability to have a successful life. It is kind of the dream that everyone wants to come true.

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