Apprenticeship: Week 19

“Content is king.” – Bill Gates

Happy August! I feel like time has stood still yet flown by for the past few months, I really hope I’m not alone with this.

Things I did this week…

  • Bought a plane ticket by myself
  • Almost got scammed while buying a plane ticket
  • Created some backlink trackers
  • Wrote a blog post for Upgrow
  • Helped create a SEO audit presentation
  • Went on a hike
  • Said goodbye to one of my host family’s dogs
  • Audited/categorized some keywords
  • Created a list of publishers
  • Dug into GMB a bit more
  • Edited a GDS dashboard
  • Updated & posted some pages
  • Reviewed some content


I’m quite happy to say that this time next week I will be with my mom and a week from Monday I will be back home in Kansas! Although my time in the bay area has been lovely, due to corona and the future not looking too bright when it comes to things opening back up I have decided to cut it short. On the 9th I will be heading home, at least for the next six months or so.

Staying in one place for too long is something I have never done. So,I wouldn’t be surprised if I moved to some random place like Idaho or Maine. 

I’m truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to head back home. I will be heading back to 100 degrees and 100% humidity which I am not looking forward to but seeing my family will be nice.

My little sister has given me a whole list of things that she wants me to bring back for her but I am not entirely sure how I will go about gathering all of them given my lack of car and room for things to ship/bring back with me.

Anyways, we had a happy hour call this Friday and I honestly find it so funny and love how much of the baby I am. The co-founders have more experience marketing than I have experience breathing. It is quite fun though, I just kind of sit and listen.

But yeah! I’m excited to be going home, sad to be leaving the fantastic weather, but I feel at peace with my decision and am thankful that my bosses allowed it to happen.

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