Music Mondays: Love? Songs

“Tell me if we’re just friends. How come it never feels like it?” – Jordy Searcy

This is an album by Jordy Searcy and it was released in 2020. The album consists of eight songs and is thirty minutes long. It is full of love(?) songs.

It is full of somewhat sad, but also very catchy songs. There is a very vulnerable and endearing side that you hear throughout the album. It is really just an album about a guy trying to figure out his feelings and what to do about them.

All in all, it is just a really cute album.

The song Jealousy is recorded live but when I first heard it I had no idea. Which, in my opinion, shows how truly talented he is.

The album came out in February and the world closed in March. Jordy’s last show before the pandemic sold out one of his dream venues in Nashville. He spent the previous four years touring nonstop with friends trying to figure out how to pay for recordings.

With the pandemic, Jordy took a break, built out a van, and spent his time surfing up and down the west coast. He did this to get back to his first love of writing songs. He says there is some new stuff on the horizon which I’d very excited to hear.

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