Jenks House

“Every house has a story to tell.” – Riley Sager

This house was lived in for eleven months and it is in Jenks, Oklahoma which is right by Tulsa. If I remember correctly we moved into this house sight unseen, which isn’t uncommon but also not ideal.

We were there for less than two months I believe before we were told that we’d be moving to Texas. Because of this, I didn’t really try to make friends certainly not a good time.

But it is all good, the house itself was interesting. It was a ranch and it was somehow very small yet big at the same time. It was just a strange floorplan where they prioritized having a giant kitchen that wasn’t very efficient or functional but then had tiny spaces everywhere else.

There was also a loop in the house which meant we’d run in circles simply for the fun of it. I also vividly remember my brother doing school in the tree in our front yard while the school bus was going by.

This was also the house where I first remember the nightly habit of watching TV shows before bed. My whole family would watch everything from Shark Tank to Shield.

I honestly don’t remember much from this house or these eleven months, but I am happy I’m no longer living there.

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