Music Mondays: Aprilia Ave

“Do you know what I’ve been looking for? I’ve been trying to find myself. But my life’s such a bore” – Asiatica

This is an EP by Asiatica, released in 2019 and is about fifteen minutes long with five songs.

I’ve never heard of this band before, but after doing a substantial amount of digging I know very little about them. Their social media is all bank and they have no bio on Spotify. All I got from Genius is that they’re from Compton, CA.

I would love to learn more about their story but there really isn’t information out there. It kind of seems like they just released this EP and a single in the same year and then haven’t done anything since then.

There is a chill and relaxing tone in her voice that is very comforting. The laid-back guitar vibes only elevate it. This album is essentially what I’d think of when someone was to say beach fire pit feeling.

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