Seattle Airbnb

“The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” – Stephen King

I went to Seattle for the first time recently and stayed in an Airbnb about twenty minutes outside of the city. It was the top of a house that was transformed into a small apartment.

It was so close to the city yet there was a dog, garden, apple trees, goat, and a ton of bamboo present. This made it feel like we were in the middle of nowhere and in a very private area.

Although the apartment itself was adorable and I was a big fan, the ghostly interactions that were present were equally not welcome and welcome.

The closet door had a handle that you had to turn to close. After the door opened by itself a few times we would close it and shake it to guarantee that it was fully closed. At times the bathroom door would also close and the light would be on randomly. The doors would shake and the floors were so loud and creaky.

We also had to wake up early for our flight, we all set alarms and we all slept through them. I don’t understand how this is possible but on our way speeding to the airport, we blamed it on the ghost. It just makes sense.

Regardless, Seattle was a good time and our short time there was nothing short of iconic.

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