Book Review: i love my love

“for me, it’s a shame how hard you are on yourself. You treat others with more love than you treat you. You deserve to be celebrated, too.” – Reyna Biddy

This is the debut collection from Reyna Biddy, it tells the story of her childhood, her parents’ toxic relationship, and her struggle with her personal relationships. But against all odds, she learned how to love herself and this is her story.

Throughout the book, the power of self-love and serves as a cure for the broken. It also is a great way to give hope to those that feel like there is none left.

Reyna loves despite her heartache and is strong through all she has suffered through. This collection of poetry is so personal. It reads as if it was taken from her diary and is able to create a very personal connection with her.

This book was my roommate’s and she made notes throughout in a black pen. So, when I went through it I created notes in a pink pen. It was interesting to see the difference between what stood out to her and what stood out to me. As well as how us being in different times of our life affected it.

Reyna has created her brand around what it means to be a strong loving vulnerable beautiful woman and she’s inspired many others to do so.

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