30 Day Journaling Newsletter


I have been journaling for quite some time, and I wanted to spread the love and also learn a thing or two. For thirty days I wrote and sent out a newsletter. Each of them containing a journaling prompt and a song to go along with it.

You can click here to read more about what I learned and my experience.

I also wrote a blog post about the benefits I have noticed from journaling, you can read it here.

Day 1-5

  1. Exploring your current season: What is good & exciting about my current season? What is hard about my current season? What is something I would like to or need to change in my current season? Am I approaching any transitions out of my current season? If so, how can I prepare for them?  
  2. Try to be easy: How can I make [life situation] easy? Light? Enjoyable? Peaceful?
  3. Talk to yourself: What do I need to hear most right now?
  4. Explore a goal: What is my biggest life goal? How am I going to get there?
  5. Love letter to your favorite place: Dear [place], Now free flow write, thank it for the memories, mention what you miss it about, and more.

Day 6-10

  1. Explore your different masks: When I am [insert situation] I wear ___ mask. Why do I do this? Is this beneficial? If not, how can I stop?
  2. Reflect on your schedule: How is my schedule? Am I saying yes or no to too many things? This week one thing I will do to make a better schedule for myself is…
  3. Reflect on your week: The highlight this week was… One things I learned this week was… I feel at peace when… I feel drained when… Right now, I feel… I need… I honor… I accept… I am letting go of…
  4. Write a list of things that make you smile: Whether it be an old memory. A dream you’re hoping will come true. Or just a feeling.  There are no wrong answers.
  5. Reflect on your rules: What have you been telling yourself that you “should” do that you really, truly don’t want to do? What rules are you following that are no longer serving you? How can you stop following these rules? And lastly, what would it feel like to let go?

Day 11-15

  1. Reminder to breather: What can I do to remind myself to take more deep breaths?
  2. Take a look back: What do I miss? Do I need it back in my life or do I need to move on?
  3. Think about love: Who, what or where was your first love?
  4. Relive a moment: Think of a specific moment where you wish you could have done more, been the bigger person, and/or stood for your beliefs. Really any situation that you wish could’ve gone differently. Why did I react the way I did? If I could have a re-do of that moment what would I do different? What step can I take today to work on being the person I wish I was at that moment?
  5. Explore your body: If my body could talk, what would it say?

Day 16-20

  1. Reflect: Did I think I would be here?Here can be where you live, your job, your lifestyle, all of the above, and anything else that comes to your mind.
  2. Invitation to be silent: How’s my relationship with solitude? 
  3. Be the wise adult that you needed as a kid: Hey [name], it’s me, your [insert your age] self. Here is what I want you to know…
  4. Think about the future: What will I miss about right now? 
  5. Think about the world: What can do I want to see more of in the world?How can I start creating it?

Day 21-25

  1. Think about your family: Am I like my family?How so? How not? Do I want to change it or do I like it? Why?
  2. Write a love letter to yourself: From the point of view of someone who believes in you and sees your power. “Hey [your name], if you could see what I see, you’d know that…”
  3. Explore something you’re hiding: What is one thing you wish other people knew about you? How can you share it?
  4. Honor your future self: What is one choice I can make today that my future self will thank me for?
  5. Give yourself attention: Am I giving myself the attention I need? If not, how can I start giving myself the attention I deserve? Do not starve yourself from attention, make the time, give your mind, body, and soul what it needs to thrive.

Day 26-30

  1. Explore forgiveness: What do I want to forgive myself for?
  2. Remember your best days: What have been the best five days of your life? Why?
  3. Reflect on the past thirty days: What did I enjoy most about journaling?What did I discover about myself?What surprised me the most? How will I celebrate my progress today?What’s one small thing I can do to celebrate myself everyday?
  4. Invitation to feel powerful: When do I feel the most powerful?
  5. Think about your legacy: What would you like your legacy to be? How will you get there?