Project Overview: 30 Day Journaling Newsletter

I recently finished a 30-day journaling newsletter.

I have always enjoyed journaling, from the time I was a little kid I remember loving writing and the feeling of paper and a pen in my hand.

Almost like I could conquer the world, well maybe not the world, but at least my own little world.

I started the newsletter because I wanted to see what I, as someone who has loved journaling and writing for years, could gain from it. And also I wanted to share my passion with the world and hopefully sprout up some passion in other people. 

Here is what I learned…

  • Planning ahead is so so important
  • I got more comfortable with MailChimp which also helped me at work
  • How to be more clear and concise with my wording
  • The value of doing something well instead of simply doing something

It was a really lovely experience overall and I am extremely happy that I stepped out on the edge and decided to embark on it. Although nothing terrible would have happened if I missed a day or two or even if I simply stopped. I wanted and was motivated to follow through with it. 

If you did follow along I truly hope that you gained something from it. Whether it be a better understanding of yourself and your emotions or just some good time alone every day. If you missed out on the 30 days, no need to worry, I am planning on uploading then to my projects page within the week. 

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