Building A Second Brain


In October 2019 I completed Tiago Forte’s course about building a second brain.

It taught me how to use Evernote to take and organize notes in an effective and productive way. It is unlike anything I have ever heard of or experienced before.

I wrote a case study blog post about it and filmed three different videos using Loom throughout it to show how I was getting more comfortable and using the strategies that were being taught. You can view it all below.


Case Study Overview

After I completed the course I created a case study blog post going on how I used the systems and the benefits. You can click here to read it.

Evernote Web Clipper

Progressive Summarization

Just-In-Time Project Management

After The Course

After completing the course I decided to do a reflections post on my thoughts on how my month went. I also included the other half of the module which consisted of interviewing and consuming content on marketing, customer success, sales, and operations. You can read it here.

Throughout the course they mention brain dumps and the importance of them quite often. I have found them to be insanely beneficial, so much so that I wrote an entire blog post on it, you can read it here.