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“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” – Voltaire

Alright, into the fourth week of Praxis and we been given a lot of content to go over relating to the four different roles in the program: sales, marketing, operations, and customer success. Personally, I am in an exciting place where I am open to all the roles.

I went into the week hesitant about a few and put them off to the side. Although, after taking a step back and digesting all the content that was shared with us I now find it a more challenging decision than I was originally assuming it would be. All that being said, as my cohort and I have now reached a peak of information about each role. We were then asked to write out five questions about each role.This gave us the ability to take an even deeper dive into our knowledge of each of the roles.


  1. Is it necessary to be an extrovert? If not, any tips on how an introvert could succeed?
  2. What makes a salesperson good/bad?
  3. What is the biggest misconception in the sales world?
  4. Is the end goal with leads to simply seal the deal or get a relationship out of it?
  5. Is it tiring being repetitive?


  1. In what ways does personal marketing/branding differ from broad marketing/branding?
  2. Are there any non-negotiable hard or soft skills when an entry-level marketing applicant?
  3. What are the common misconceptions in marketing?
  4. Does having knowledge of psychology benefit you?
  5. What makes someone in marketing successful?


  1. What does the average week look like in an entry-level operations role?
  2. How does the position differ depending on company size?
  3. What makes operations rewarding?
  4. What technical terms are necessary to know?
  5. Are there any misconceptions that would be surprising to an entry-level applicant?

Customer Success

  1. Would an introvert fit in in a customer success role?
  2. What skills are necessary to flourish in this role?
  3. What does it look like to be successful in a success role?
  4. Are there any unexpected tasks that an entry-level applicant would be surprised by?
  5. What makes customer success a fulfilling job?

This exercise has prompted me to see all of these roles from a different light. If you have insight on any or all of these roles/questions I would love for you to email me at mialiang@gmail.com or click here to be sent to my contact page.

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