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“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein 

As of September 2019, I have worked at Panera as an associate for three months. During the past three months, I have grown tremendously, and my work ethic has proven to be valuable, with a quote from my managers’ testimonial being “If we could we would clone her and hire all of them”. I walked in my first day entirely unaware of the workplace environment and incapable of doing anything independently.

My work ethic motivated me to learn and improve as much as I could in a short amount of time, proving to myself and my managers that it was a good decision to hire me. Now, I have become trusted to open and close, efficient enough to be the only employee at the register/bakery for hours, work multiple roles at once, take on some catering responsibilities and train other employees without being an official trainer. 

My enthusiasm for the job plus drive to see us succeed has given me some almost unheard of opportunities. For instance, two months in I was asked by the catering coordinator if I wanted to be her partner. Unfortunately, due to my age and Panera’s guidelines, I was unable to be officially offered the position. If I was able to accept the position I would’ve worked with sales and marketing within the catering division of our store, as well as making/delivering orders. Simply being thought of for this position was a humbling experience, and it showed me how helpful having a good work ethic is and it only motivated me more.

Throughout the past three months, I have gotten to know our regulars and have made an effort to memorize their orders/names and build relationships with them through our daily interactions. I have gained a repertoire of ways to deal with unhappy customers and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, managers, and coworkers alike. 

During my time at Panera,  I have effectively managed real-life situations that have tested my multitasking skills when coworkers don’t show up, call in sick last minute, or quit unexpectedly. This forced me to get out of my comfort zone and face challenges that I don’t meet daily. Going for it head-on and looking at everything as an opportunity to grow is the mindset that has assisted me in advancing and maturing at the speed that I have. 

If I possess the capability to grow this much in only three months, I cannot imagine how much I will be able to grow in six months at a startup. I am especially eager to learn as much as humanly possible and dare myself to go beyond what I have been able to accomplish as of now. I want to help your company reach all of your goals and bring real value to your team. My strengthened ability to adapt, multitask, and interact with customers from this experience will only bring an increased worth to your organization.

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