“One who never asks either knows nothing or everything.” – Malcolm Forbes

Problems are often things that we run from, as soon as one is visible you book it in the opposite direction. A strange comfort can come from the depths of a problem, for all problems have a solution. 

I have been both a worrier and thinker my whole life, constantly questioning everything. When I was younger this lead to a lot of anxiety, but now I have learned to transform it into something magical. Recently through Praxis, I have been challenging myself to run towards problems and tackle them head-on without hesitation. 

Now here, in no particular order, are my top twelve favorite problems: 

How can I…

  • be productive while still maintaining a balance?
  • feed all the areas in my life that I want to pursue?
  • take in and retain the maximum amount of information?
  • exercise consistently?
  • say yes without feeling drained?
  • be happy and help other people be happy?
  • be a positive light?
  • challenge myself daily?
  • accept failures gracefully?
  • express my opinions freely?
  • be a good example for my younger siblings/cousins?
  • live in the forward tilt mindset?

All of these questions are very personal yet I’m sure you’ve asked a few of these to yourself. We all ask ourselves silent questions everyday if you want to talk about any of these questions or share your own you can click here for my contact page!

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