On The Road Again… Sales

“A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” – H Stanley Judd

Before I start, I want to lead with sales in a wonderful area to be in. Despite what most people think I have found that you can go almost anywhere from a job in sales. If you put in the work you have the ability to go into a plethora of different roles or move up through the ranks of sales.  

Hard Skills

Communication skills are one of the biggest skills needed to become a master salesperson. Salespeople have the ability to build a strong relationship through emails and phone calls, this is no easy task to ask of someone. You communicate with people that you have never talked to before and they are unaware of your writing and talking style. It is in situations like these where miscommunication can happen and the potential for someone to get offended over a simple misunderstanding heightens. 

The Secret Psychologist 

One of the things that often gets looked over in sales is how psychology-based sales truly is. At the heart and soul of it you are researching new information and building relationships. Both of these revolve around the customer and their minds. A good salesperson understands how to do sales a great salesperson understands human nature, knows what to expect, and responds accordingly. 


Now, this is a different kind of goal than one in any sport but it is a fundamental part of sales. If you possess the ability to set goals and then create a proper plan to achieve those goals, then you are golden. You have to be in control of the process not letting the process push you around and get out of control. If you are confident in both of these skills you will always have a job.

Sales is a wonderful, yet difficult journey to go on. You must have the courage to seek discomfort in the unknown and feed off of the motivation of what it’ll feel like to reach your goals/quota. My appreciation for salespeople has grown tremendously in the past week and I’m sure it will only continue to grow.

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