30 Days 30 Blog Posts

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.” – Heidi Reeder

The google definition of commitment is “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.” Module three of Praxis I am being challenged to commit to writing and publishing a blog post every single day for a month.

Now, I’m going to be honest, commitment no matter how big or small has always been something I stay away from. The thought of setting something in stone or making the first paint strokes on a canvas already makes my heart rate increase.

I do have lots of hope though. Throughout my months in pre-program and the past two months of Praxis bootcamp I have gotten to see multiple cohorts go through and conquer this module. I am rather curious to see how well mine does and what we take from it. 

Now, I am entirely aware that my writing isn’t perfect in the slightest. It has its fair share of grammar issues, misspellings and more but I am excited to see how much it’ll improve over the next month.

All that being said, I am very open to feedback and criticism. So, any and all that you have you can click here for my contact page to let me know of anything I can improve on or if you just want to chat!

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