First Experience: MailChimp

“If you don’t try, you forfeit the opportunity.” – Frank Sonnenberg As I decided to embark on my month-long portfolio project I knew that learning both Facebook Ads and MailChimp was going to be on the agenda. As a newbie with MailChimp, it was an equally terrifying but exciting experience to figure out on myContinue reading “First Experience: MailChimp”

A Stream Of Conscious: Black Friday

“Buying something you do not need is a waste of money, even if it is a bargain.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana Black Friday shopping has never appealed to me. It seems so counter-intuitive to one day preach about everything you are thankful for. Then not even 24 hours later trample a child to get a newContinue reading “A Stream Of Conscious: Black Friday”