The 4am Alarm

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” – Richard Whately

I am an opener at Panera which means that I have to be there and ready to work by 5am. So, a 4am alarm is my unfortunate reality multiple days a week. 

The world almost stops for a second when the first alarm goes off, it is such an eerie time to be awake. In my household someone is always up, my brothers are night owls to the extreme and my parents are early risers. It is a strange feeling to wake up and know that there are people down the hall that haven’t fallen asleep yet. 

I always am so confused when I see other people on the road at 4am with me. I have the urge to sit down and talk with them see where they’re coming from and where they’ve been, how they found themselves on the road at 4am. So many questions and so much potential for a good conversation but I know the chances of it actually happening are slim to none. 

Time passes at a different speed each morning, sometimes I look at the clock after what feels like forever and it’s only been fifteen minutes. Other times I am equally shocked and worried about how fast the clock is moving and how slow I am moving. 

Each morning presents a different challenge and a new set of people that I might run into. I make it my mission to be as kind as possible to everyone that walks in the door. I know that they probably don’t want to be up either.

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