Green Thumb

“Plant your tiny seeds and keep watering them every day. Soon, they’ll grow.” – Israelmore Ayivo

One thing that everyone should have in their life is a plant. In a way, it is a home base, and a commitment to keep yourself accountable.

You have to remember to water it. To make sure it has ample sunlight. If it dies you are responsible. When you have something in your life to keep you grounded it reminds you to do the same thing for yourself. 

When in a more depressed state it can be easy to not drink water or get sunlight. If there is a plant in your life that demands it from you you become more susceptible to the same thing for yourself. You face the reality head-on that if you are treating a plant better than yourself then you have a problem. 

One thing to remember, you need to water yourself not only with water but with love and encouragement too. Do things that will help you grow. 

So go for it, get the plant, treat the plant and yourself well.

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