“The only animals I eat are crackers.” -Anonymous

Throughout recent years there has been a significant increase of people in the vegan community. I personally live a somewhat vegan lifestyle and have a handful of friends that are vegan.

Each person has their own unique story as to how they decided to go vegan. For some it is health reasons, others it helped with their cystic acne, some do it purely to help our mother earth. Some people go full vegan meaning no skincare or makeup with animal products or tested on animals, no leather, etc. others take the route of just eating vegan. 

Like everything of this world there are pros and cons to it all.


Being vegan helps the earth. It has been found that cutting meat and dairy from you diet can reduce your carbon footprint by 73%. It is a good way to cleanse the body. It reduces risk the for diabetes, lowers BMI, gets cholesterol under control, lower the risk of certain cancers, and cleanses the appendix and gall bladder. These are just a few of the benefits of going vegan.


One thing that has risen with veganism growing in popularity is the price of vegan foods that used to be cheap. This is making it harder for the lower class to find healthy and cheap meals. A lot of plant proteins lack essential amino acids that play a major part in protein synthesis. This has both pros and cons to within itself. Sometimes a lack of iron occurs as well. Because the veganism trend is still a somewhat new thing the long term negative effects have yet to be fully researched.

The history and the future of veganism is a bit rocky. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where it’s roots are and it is almost impossible to gauge how long something will be popular before it dies out or in some rare cases if it dies out at all. 


It is thought that both Buddah and Pythagoras were some of the first well known vegetarians around 500 BC. Not much is known about it at thid time. Its popularity didn’t begin until 1800 AD when the early concrete concepts of vegan began emerging. 


A big shift in the vegan community happened in July of 2016 when Impossible foods launched. It is known for having vegan meat that takes, looks, and even bleeds like real meat. This was a game changer in the world of vegan foods. It introduced many people to how good vegan meat can taste. I can only see the vegan community going up from it. It has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and hopefully will only continue to grow. 

It is your choice if you want to go vegan or not. No one can force you to anything. You have to weigh your options. See what benefits you the most. Let the judgement of others slide off your back. You do you boo.

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