Reflections: Module 3

“Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

I did it.
I wrote and published something every day for the past month.

I got a post published on Dumb Little Man and on Thought Catalog.
I experimented with writing copy.

Now here’s the fun part.
So can you.
Here’s how.

Write everything down

Ideas are fleeting. They are here one second and gone the next. I cannot tell you how many times this past month an idea would pop in my head and I’d forget to write it somewhere. When creativity strikes be ready. 

The possibility is present

No matter if you are an eighty-year-old grandma, an eight-year-old ball of energy, or an eighteen-year-old ball of anxiety. You can do this too. There is nothing stopping you. Even if you don’t publish it, just the act of creating every day is something magical. The only thing holding yourself back is yourself.

Inspiration is everywhere

All you have to do to get inspiration is to look at the magic look box in your hands.YouTube videos, books, twitter, Instagram, at one point this month I got inspiration from someone’s shirt. There are no rules saying what you can use for inspiration and what you can’t -as long as it’s not directly copying- so gather it everywhere you can. 

Perfection is the enemy

Give yourself the grace to grow. No matter how hard you try your writing will never be perfect right away. As a perfectionist through and through this project made me realize how time-consuming having a perfectionist mindset truly is. I could agonize over one blog post and waste an entire day just on that. Or I could press publish,  there is always the opportunity to change and improve things later. The moment to do them all is not now. Take a deep breath, don’t stress. You can do this. 

The time is now.
In a world where online communication is everything, there is no better to start than right now.

No matter how it goes, in the end, you’ll come out of it a better writer.

After this past month, I have decided that I am going to continue writing every day. It may be for two weeks or two years. As of now, I am unsure, but I am ready to see where this adventure takes me.

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