Non Zero Days

“Because little progress is better than no progress at all no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be.” – Fayadh Ahmed 

A big concept that I have been following is non zero days. This implies doing at least one thing every day that’ll help you reach your goal. 

A goal can seem like a big hurdle to jump over but if you break it down into small actionable steps it now feels like a little puddle instead. This in practice is taking non-realistic goals -such as writing a book, getting fit or learning a new instrument or language- and turns it into daily steps to get where you want to be.

Let’s take the example of getting fit. You sadly can’t wake up one day and have a six-pack after dong ten crunches. It just doesn’t work that way. If you sent the goal of having a six-pack as your end goal, more often than not you’ll give up after not seeing results. 

Instead set a number of crunches as your minimum that you do every day, and slowly add to it. Even if you start off with 20 a day if you build on it and don’t skip a day soon you’ll end up doing over 100. Simply keep going, don’t stop and you’ll get there eventually.

This mindset creates real value. It gives you the advantage of doing something daily, which will automatically increase your skill. It also gives you the ability to evaluate yourself and how you are doing daily. You are in complete control, don’t wait on the sidelines watching other people reach the goals you have.

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