What Makes Good Copy

“Writing marketing copy is an expression of love.” Jill Celeste 

Each company has its own signature marketing copy. No two companies are exactly alike -or at least they shouldn’t be.

It is up to the marketing team to find the companies voice, personality, etc. Here are a few companies that I have found that I think have done this really well. 

Videos Are Key

Man Crates about page seamlessly incorporates videos into what could be a boring page. There are only nine sentences, but accompanying these nine sentences is four-minute to two-minute videos. These videos are what elevates the possible customer’s experience on the website, it makes it memorable and boots their SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

Talk Directly To Your Audience

Your audience is human which means that you need to talk to them like they are human using a conversational tone. Dollar Shave Club is one company that has executed this technique phenomenally. They also add a touch of humor here and there to lighten the mood. One thing to remember humor is good, to a certain extent do not overdo it.

Solve A Problem

This is about benefiting your customers, Basecamp does a fantastic job of explaining how their product will make your life easier. The first thing you see instantly catches your eye and you are hocked. A customer sees the problem written before them, hopefully sympathizes with the problem and now they have a solution for it.

Clear And Concise Wording

You never want a possible client to see your copy and give up reading it halfway through. That is one thing that Apple has thoroughly succeeded in doing. Their copy is so simple and easy to follow, no confusion no hassle. It is a minimalists dream. 


Hiut denim has a wonderful way of telling their history, it is full of passion and a compelling narrative. After reading it you are drawn to support the company, which means that they are doing their jobs extremely well.  

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