The Value Of Creating Value

β€œTo get them hooked and booked for life, you must consistently feed them – value!” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

We all have the ability to search for and create value. It is a fantastic way to get ahead of the game.

It is a process though, you first must create something that is truly valuable before you become valuable yourself. Once you have accomplished then you are really ahead of the game. No matter how old you are, if you are ten or eighty, value is value. But how does one go about creating value?

You create value by giving your all. There is no better way of showing a company, a teacher, a family member that you are valuable than by creating value yourself for something or someone else.  If you see a need fill it, do not hesitate. 

Take a few hours to learn a new tech tool to complete a project that you gave yourself. As long as you get all of the work that you need to get done finished there is no reason for someone to get upset at you for creating more value.

Impress the heck out people by being ambitious and hungry for more. The more you learn, create and grow the faster you’ll make it to your end goals, and more often than not the more connection you’ll make along the way.

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