Music Mondays: The Tragic Thrills

“Life is a song to me.” – Dolly Parton

This week I revisited an album that I love. The Tragic Thrills by The Tragic Thrills. They released it in 2013 and it is a 36 minute long and it is ten songs full to the brim with high-quality music. 

There is something about this album that is very real. There is no part where you are questioning where the inspiration for the song came from. In a way, it is quite raw and somehow an amazing feel-good album. 

This album has the ability to bring you back to a really pure place when you were a kid and the world was so big. You could do anything and everything that you wanted to do, there was nothing holding you back.

If you ever want to reenter that mindset, listen to this album and you will be transported.

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