Music Mondays: No One Else Can Wear Your Crown

“But I guess that’s how it goes, it goes.” – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, consisting of Anthony West and Josephine Gucht are thought to be one of the UK’s best-kept secrets. They got their start by recording and releasing a song for an entire year starting in September 2014.

They then compiled all of the songs and released them in their debut album titled Oh Wonder in 2015. This is actually when I started listening to them and I have loved watching them progress and gain success ever since. 

Their most recent album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is no exception to their last two albums. In a way, it is like a self-help album. From the beginning to the end of the album it is sort of a story of growing as a person and finally coming to your own. 

The album consists of fifteen songs and is forty-eight minutes long. The last five songs are acoustic versions of other songs on the album. One of my favorite songs on the album is Hallelujah, there is something so magical about this song that I cannot put into words. 

I personally find their voices to be extremely soothing, I can simultaneously jam out to this album but also take a nap to them. Which I think is why they have found so much success, they walk on a fine line but have found a way to balance it perfectly. 

I cannot suggest this album to more people. Whether you need a pick me up, a good nap, or just some good music to chill out and do school to this album has something for you.

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