It Is Okay To Change Your Mind

“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” – Janice Trachtman

I was listening to a podcast recently called Lochhead on Marketing and at the end of it he said here is one thing I want to leave you with: If you have not changed your mind recently how do you know that you have one. When I tell you that struck me like a lightning bolt, I am not overexaggerating. 

You can often feel like a failure when you change your mind. The process of doing so usually means that you made the wrong decision at some point in your life. 

We are taught all of our lives that wrong is bad, that being bad, incorrect, or failing is awful. It is from those moments that we figure out who we are. you have to fall to gain the strength to get back up. The same way you have to change your mind to understand who you really are.

The scariest moment is when you realize that something has switched, and you either backtrack or jump forward. Both require experience an unknown and both are quite terrifying to experience. But both are some of the biggest learning experiences you will ever get.

The lessons and things you learn from these moments are some of the most valuable things you get out of life. They are the moments that mold you into the person that you were, are currently and will become. 

The only problem is when we get so stuck in our ways and routines that we feel like it is close to impossible for us to change our minds. Only you have the power over that, you can change your opinion at any point, at any time. The ball in is your court, the game is yours, are you going to play it?

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