Think Big

“Small thinking keeps most businesses small” – Mac Duke

What you are doing right now is big. No matter how small it seems to be, it will be big as long as you think it is because big is a state of mind. 

Got out of bed and dressed on time for the first time all week? Big. Made it to Saturday without caving on your new diet or workout schedule? Big. 

You may think that it is small. It may actually be really really small, but trust me when I say that it is big.

You have to realize how big the small things are, then and only then will the bigger things start coming. It is a small ripple effect but in the end, one small drop can create a magical outcome.

One thing to remember, big is right now. It is not something that you are searching to find or chasing after. It is in this moment right now, this moment, the actions you took today and in your past to get to where you are. All big things.

The next time you do something that may look small but is big for you, or even if something overall is small but is difficult for you at this moment. Speak it out loud, say “This is big.” and believe it. 

Your words have power and speaking it is a way of affirming it. All it takes is one time, affirming it one single time and you will start to see all of the small big things in your life. Then they will start multiplying, at this point you almost have no control over it. 

Big things will pop up all over the place and you will be ready and looking for them. All from a simple mindset. 

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