How To Make A Good Decision

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” – Michelle Obama

We tend to avoid making decisions. I know I do all the time, I get my friends, family or even strangers advice on things. 

I hate making decisions because I do not want to make the wrong one. That is the tricky thing about life, it is not simple enough to always make the right decisions. 

I have often made the wrong ones, I have done what I thought was correct to find out that it was in fact very wrong. What I have found out is that whenever I go to make a decision I think about what the worst possible thing to happen would be. 

As long as that does not happen then I think I am doing pretty alright. 

There are twists and turns and some random things might be thrown at you that you were not expecting. Once you have accepted that and learned how to roll with it there are endless possibilities. 

There is no need to make the right decisions when you do not need to make the right decisions. Make the wrongs ones if needed and learn from it, of course, do not go around making awful decisions on purpose. I highly doubt anyone is going around and doing that though. 

As long as you have your standards high your decisions will follow and be in a good place as well. So stop taking forever to make decisions and just do, go and live your life.

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