Traveling During A Pandemic

“When a loved one is sick, the days are long, but the years are short.” – Lindsay Eagar

I recently made the trek to California from Kansas. With the situation of the pandemic around us, it was an interesting time to be traveling.

People were either really scared or really did not care. 

A minor setback was that both of my flights were delayed which meant that I did not land until 12;30am on the 21st. The reason both of them were delayed was because one of the air traffic control people tested positive for the coronavirus and they had to clear out the station a the airport and work from an off-site location. Which meant that all of the flights needed to be scheduled further apart. 

This was not a major issue for me, with everything else going on it only seems natural to have a few more hiccups in the road. Considering the small handful of people that I saw on the flights and I saw so many interesting people in the airports. I really wanted to ask them all why they were traveling. 

People tend to not travel in the middle of a pandemic unless they absolutely have to, or if they see you can get a flight for $29 to their dream destination.

Whether you stay home and do not leave the house, go to the grocery store once a week or fly halfway across the country, just stay safe and smart. If you feel sick stay home, distance yourself from people if possible. In the end, things will be okay.

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