Quarantined: Fears

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” – Woody Allen


With the uncertainty that is surrounding us due to the coronavirus it only makes sense to feel heightened anxiety. There are unknowns around every corner and no one knows when this madness will all be over. 

We are being bombarded with news from everywhere, it is overwhelming and anxiety-producing. What do you do when almost everything in life seems to be uncertain?


There is beauty in uncertainty. You may lose a lot of things that you once took for granted such as your habits and routines. One thing that you gain is the chance to just be human. To take out all of the unnecessary stress of your life, putting it aside and remembering how to be human. 

We forget how big of a gift simply being alive is. Remember what it feels like to just be human again. Give yourself the time to feel your feelings again. Take up new habits and take hold of the qualities that you want to have. There is no schedule and often we lose a sense of time. Let yourself bask in that for a bit and just feel.

Right now we have the gift of choice and we tend to forget about it because the noise around us drowns it out. The noise is not there anymore, take this time to reset yourself. You cannot control life you can only experience it.


Come out of this pandemic with a new sense of empowerment. With an understanding of the value of your community. Come out of this with an understanding of the beauty of uncertainty. 

Everyone is fighting this fight, you are not alone. We are all in this together, this is not a race thing, this is not a gender thing, it is a human thing.

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