Music Mondays: Pink Jeans

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” – Robert Fripp

The album Pink Jeans by Homemade Haircuts is quite literally a whole vibe.

I actually found the Homemade Haircuts from a Jenna & Julien podcast episode. I had no idea what to expect but they played a few seconds of one of their songs on the podcast and I was hooked. 

Quite honestly they are just two super talented dudes who write some fantastic indie music.

I have tried to do some digging to see their history and just to get to know more about them but I haven’t found much. 

Their bio on Spotify, where artists tend to put a semi-detailed list of their history, awards, etc. is simply “Puttin some button on it”. All of their other bios follow that same minimal information given situation as well. 

The second I listened to their music on my own I told a handful of my friends to listen to it right away. With the talent that these guys have, they are going to get big, and I am excited to be one of the people that gets to say I was listening to them while they were still pretty small. 

Go now and while you have you the chance to listen to them before they get too big!

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