Music: Astronomy, Vol 1

“The only truth is music.” – Jack Kerouac

This week Monday was day 200 of my daily blogging streak, so I didn’t post music Mondays. I cannot wait until next Monday to share with you this album though. So welcome to a very special music Wednesday!

The album is Astronomy, Vol 1 by Sleeping At Last.

Sleeping At Last kind of has a bad reputation in the dance community. The reason being, if you go to any competition that has a contemporary section you will pretty much hear his music and his music alone for hours on end. 

That does not make it any less magical though, and this album is no different. 

Quick PSA if you know what enneagram number you are and you have not listened to your song by him you are missing out on a truly beautiful experience. Fair warning, you may cry so don’t listen to it in public.

Okay, now back to the newest album. It took years to make and is inspired by astronomical discoveries and events in the observable universe. I cannot explain to you how magical it is. 

It will send chills down your back and make you feel like you are not on earth anymore. The attention to detail that is shown throughout and you can sense the passion that was put into this album in every single moment of every single song. 

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