All Along We Are Blooming

“A weed is but an unloved flower.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I recently heard someone talk about the book All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols. 

I personally love her writing and think that she is an extremely powerful and talented artist. Although I do not have this book, just the title alone is saying such a powerful story.

It is comforting and letting you know that every season of your life has a purpose. 

You have been blooming all along, no matter the season of life you are in currently or the one that you walked away from.

Our paths are unique, each person is experiencing a completely different life. You are blooming in the way that you were meant to. Just because someone might be a beautiful spring flower and you still stuck as a seed does make you any less valuable as the flower. 

Bloom the way that you were meant to bloom and not the way you think you should be blooming. 

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