What Is Normal?

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

We tend to normalize what truly isn’t normal. We pretend to be robots instead of humans. 

We brush off people’s opinions in public but then cry on the way home. We so badly want to fit in and be “normal” but it is impossible to reach that standard.

We all have our own normals, we are all normal as long as we are staying true to ourselves. 

The anxiety, the confidence, the bubbliness, it is all different for each person. Do not suppress or change who you are to fit someone else’s normal. 

Try to be a wildflower, they just grow, they don’t look around them and compare themselves to the others. And when they bloom, they are magnificent.

Now we aren’t wildflowers. We are human, we are beautiful, we are normal. 

Don’t compare yourself, be you.

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