Music Mondays: Home Tapes

“In the absence of certainty, at least we will have music.”
– Oh Wonder

Home tapes by Oh Wonder is a collection of songs created and released during the pandemic.

They created it hoping that it would provide some comfort, companionship, and relief during these very strange times. And boy oh boy did they deliver.

If you are looking for a few songs that perfectly resemble the current emotions that I feel like everyone is having because of COVID and quarantine I cannot suggest this enough. 

You know how sometimes you listen to a song and each word was just piercing your soul and you felt like it was written for you in the exact moment? That is this entire album. 

Although it is only three songs and ten minutes long, the entire time that feel is persistent. The first time I listened to it I thought “Oh this is for me.” It is so perfectly a mixture of all of the wild highs and lows and emotions that are present. 

If you have ten minutes, that is all you need to listen to this all the way through, go for it. I cannot suggest it or them enough. 

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