The Two Day Rule

“I love rules and I love following them, unless that rule is stupid.” – Anna Kendrick

Something that I like to follow for almost all areas of my life is the two day rule.

Some people do it for just working out, but it can be used for any habits. 

The two day rule: You never take more than one day off of something. So if you are absolutely exhausted and you cannot fathom working out. Then you don’t, you rest, but the next day you get up and you workout. 

We all need breaks every once in a while, we are human. Not allowing yourself to take a break can lead to the slippery slope of burnout. Allowing yourself to take a day off when needed is a perfect way to combat it. 

One day may not seem like enough but it is magical what it will do for you. I know from firsthand experience. 

After that day is over, you have to get up and get right back to your habits. Kind of like a cheat meal or cheat day but for all of your other habits as well. 

The main difference I have found in this is that there is no beating yourself up if you miss a day. You simply take the time to rest, maybe reflect and then you get back up the next day. You do not get stuck in a downward spiral of missing day after day after day. 

I would highly suggest implementing the two day rule into your life because it can honestly change your mindset and your life. 

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