Apprenticeship: Week 12

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” – Johann Goethe

It is so crazy that I am already halfway through. The weeks have been crawling yet flying by all at once.

Things I did this week…

  • A lot more about Mailchimp
  • How to properly write meta descriptions
  • Image optimization best practices
  • More about Zapier 
  • Creating resources
  • Way more about Sumo
  • Started book club @ work
  • Had a Praxis Hangouts Game Night
  • Audited backlinks
  • Learned a variation

During the Praxis Hangouts game night we played one night werewolf. Which brought back some really fond memories about when I was younger and at a homeschool coop and we played it during our break. 

The book club is quite fun as well we are reading Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson. Mine is stuck in the mail so I have yet to actually start reading the book, but the conversations have been quite interesting to hear.

I also learned and did a variation for the first time in over a year this past week. I filmed it on a basketball court nearby and then played it during a makeshift dance competition for a PDP call. 

To say the least it has been quite an eventful week. 

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