The Time Is Now

“Never underestimate the lingering effects of a dash of spontaneous comfort.” – Gina Greenlee

Have you ever gotten a friend crush? Like you see someone and you think I want to be their friend but are too scared to reach out.

I have gotten these quite often, one thing I have realized is that all you need to do is reach out. The worst thing that can happen is they do not respond, and you realize it wasn’t meant to be. The best thing that happens is you get a new friend. 

This has happened to me multiple times, reaching out is something so simple. It can take five minutes of your 24 hours in a day at most, and from it can blossom a relationship. 

Who wouldn’t want that? The odds are in your favor. You have nothing to lose besides five minutes of your time. Which in the grand scheme of things really is not a big deal. 

More often than not there is a reason you are being drawn to a person and the relationship that comes from taking the small leap of faith and reaching out is something beautiful.

I dare to reach out to someone, it does not have to be right now, it could even be to rekindle a relationship that dimmed out a while ago. The smallest actions can have the biggest impact and sometimes a single sentence can make a person’s day or start a life long relationship.

Stop holding yourself back, take a dive into the deep end. You will not regret it. 

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