Your Flaws Have Power

“The only things flawless about me are my flaws.”
– Amanda Mosher

We all have things that we consider to be flaws. I believe that it is just a mindset though and we all have the power to be flawless.

Shy? Nah, thoughtful.

Emotional? No way, vulnerable. 

Over thinker? Nope, not impulsive.

Every one of your flaws has a beautiful positive to it as well. It may not always be seen or felt but it is there.

We know that the grass is always greener on the other side. We forget to look down at our feet and see how green the grass is right where we’re at. 

Every flower has flaws yet we do not compare them to each other, because we understand that they are all unique. The same is true for humans, but we tend to not understand. You aren’t flawless, you have flaws, and that is okay because they are what make you unique.

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