The Absurdity Of Perfection

“Think about the absurdity of the perfection that you expect from yourself.” – Case Kenny

On a recent podcast that I was listening to the host said the quote above and I had to stop the podcast and contemplate it for a hot second. 

I have always striven for perfection and got disappointed when I did not deliver. Although it is impossible, it is something I have always wanted to achieve. 

When you take a second to think about the absurdity of perfection and how insane the expectations are to achieve it, you recognize how completely stupid it is to put that amount of pressure on yourself.

It cannot be your top goal because, in the end, you cannot achieve it which means you are simply setting yourself up for frustration.

Instead, step into the freedom that is not expecting yourself to be flawless. Step into the reality that growth is good, learning is fantastic but perfection is impossible. 

Realizing that is the key to breaking down the barriers that have lived in your life for so long. Opening up the window when you have been trying to find the key for the door for years. 

Discovering the absurdity of perfection saves yourself from regrets and gives you more opportunities to advance.

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