Apprenticeship: Week 17

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.”
– Ann Voskamp

This week has been such a week, really fun but a week.

Things I did this week…

  • Started working on the SEO team full time
  • Started an SEO audit
  • Keyword research/audit
  • Auditing unlinked brand mentions
  • Buzzstream outreach for backlinks
  • Finished a blog post
  • Finished a book & started a new one
  • Learned how to play exploding kittens

It has been such an interesting week.  I somehow received three of the books we are reading in the book club at work.  I did not pay for any of them, at least to my knowledge, so I now have four of the same book.  I am giving them away to different Praxians so that’s fun.

Last weekend some of my host family’s friends came up from LA they were super sweet and it was a good time.  Getting to know new people is something that I had no idea my introvert self was craving. 

Also, my phone has been slowly breaking, restarting itself, turning itself off, etc.  This means I have been off of it a lot more than usual and reading a ton which honestly has been so nice.  I tend to forget how draining technology can be. 

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