It Is The Small Things

“I don’t read books to finish them, I read to consume them.” – TemitOpe Ibrahim

I tend to feel bad when I am not consuming all of the information in the world. I am sure I am not alone with this. 

But I have learned that I cannot underestimate the compounding effect of the small things you are consuming. There is a slow cooking that is going on in the back of your head.

You may not notice it right away but every piece of information that you consume makes a difference. 

It may come back to play months or even years later but it will come back. The amount of information that we have at the tips of our fingers is insane, there is no way we would ever be able to ingest all of it. So do not feel bad for doing so.

Find what makes you curious, what makes you think, and what you want to learn more about and then consume information whenever possible.  It may five minutes while waiting in line at a coffee shop, or while taking a quick break from work. 

Whatever it is for you, it matters, do not get discouraged. Because either way, whether you consume a lot or none at all, it will come back to you. 

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