Music Mondays: Reverie

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” – George Eliot

If you are looking for some study/work music this is it.

I have recently gotten very into lofi hip hop music, as I have discovered it is some of the best background music out there. I used to think that just any instrumental music was good enough, sometimes a lyric thrown in here and there but this is above that without a doubt.

This album in particular is by eery, which no matter how much digging I did I could barely find anything on them. I find this to be very impressive because they have also 700k monthly listeners on Spotify. Meaning, that those listeners are not listening for a “brand” they are just listening because it is genuinely good music.

There is something about it that is so simple yet insanely complex all wrapped up into a song. It makes you think “Oh, I can do that” and “Dang this person is talented” all at once. 

Regardless I am going to continue listening and exploring the different worlds of lofi songs and musicians because from what I’ve heard so far it’s pretty great.  

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