Thrown Into The Deep End

“This life and this job and this position that I’m put in, it forces you to grow up quick. I definitely got dropped in the deep end.” – Flume

I am sure you know how it feels to be either literally or figuratively thrown into the deep end. The amount of panic that you experience can easily become overwhelming.

I know this feeling all too well, shoutout to anxiety for that, but despite experiencing it quite often I am still not comfortable with it. I doubt anyone will ever be completely comfortable with it.

The one objective when being thrown into the deep end is this:

Do not drown.

As long as you succeed at this, it could matter less what you looked like while doing it. Accomplish this and you will survive, the world praises thriving but sometimes simply surviving takes more effort than thriving done. 

I have some exciting news for you though! You’re here, you’ve survived, you may not be thriving (if you are congratulations I’m so happy for you) but you don’t need to. 

You’ve made it, you were thrown in and you’ve survived and that alone is something to be extremely proud of. 

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