Apprenticeship: Week 21

“Market like the year you are in!” – Gary Vaynerchuck

What a week my goodness.

Things I did this week…

  • Optimized some podcast transcriptions
  • Sent out backlink outreach
  • Flew to Kansas <link to heading home>
  • Saw San Francisco in a day
  • Figured out some financial stuff
  • Updated some websites
  • Created an optimization tracking sheet
  • Completed an SEO audit
  • Created some GDS dashboards

Fun times while traveling: Had to get up at 3am to make it to the flight, made the mistake of drinking coffee at 4pm the night before. Had a 6-hour layover in Vegas. Yes, I was the weird person sleeping at the airport. Had a drunk person on the plane to KC in the row in front of me. Also, there was little to no social distancing happening, but I feel fine so that’s good!

The instant I stepped off the plane the humidity hit me like a truck. I feel really weird to be back someplace, I don’t think that’s ever happened especially coming back to the same house. 

Apparently my little sister’s new dream job is being a nail tech so I let her do my nails this week and, to be honest, I am surprised by how much of a fan I am of them. Side note: the chaotic energy that my family possesses is unmatched. 

But yeah, it’s been really good to be home! And I am excited to see what the next week holds. 

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